Live Bee Removal

We partner with professionals with construction experience to perform live bee removals in the Bryan/College Station area.

Why is the construction experience important? Bees build their hives anywhere – in walls, attics, in gaps between bricks. Construction knowledge helps when you start deconstructing a home to get to the hive. Doing this skillfully and carefully makes it a less expensive repair and project overall.

Before you kill or spray the bees, consider a few key facts.

  1. This is your opportunity to save the bees. It’s often just as expensive to perform a live bee removal as it is to spray them using a pest control company. In fact, we’ll match pricing from a reputable pest control company to help ensure that the bees will survive. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem – they provide pollination that produces fruits, vegetables, coffee, cocoa, etc. We’ll rehome them to our yard or to a local beekeeper that will continue to manage and care for them.
  2. It’s very important to remove the entire hive, including comb, brood, honey, and all the bees from the home rather than sealing them in. Here in Aggieland, Texas, it gets hot and all that organic material will melt and spoil.

Using a professional when having bees removed from your home is important. A professional will explain the steps that are taken to remove the bees – it may be a full day or multi-day project and will often times be timed to make sure the maximum number of bees are collected and removed.

Because this is Texas, we have swarms throughout most of the year – if you see a cluster of bees hanging from a tree in your yard, it’s important to call immediately. If left alone, the bees will find a much more hidden place to live – even if that’s inside yours or your neighbor’s home. Swarms are quick and easy – way less invasive than removing them once they’ve established themselves. Calling as soon as you notice bee activity is the best way to cost yourself less money and stress in the long run.

What to expect when you get bees removed from your home:

  • The use of a bee vacuum may be necessary. A bee vacuum is not a regular vacuum – it’s a specialized vacuum attached to a bee box. This allows the bee removal specialist to collect the bees safely and quickly.
  • Natural bee repellants are often used to help keep the bees away after the removal is complete. Although there are usually a few stragglers, (bees that hadn’t made it back to the hive yet or who fled during the removal) they should only last a few days and are less aggressive since they do not have a hive and queen to defend.
  •  Although it’s more common that the bees are calm, we cannot depend on that. It is possible that the bees will be defensive when their home is broken into. Beekeeping suits are worn to protect the professional and the area is cleared until the level of aggression of the hive is determined. The professional will have tricks to help calm the bees and is trained to properly cut and remove the hive carefully to limit the bees stress and anger.
  • Repairs will likely be needed. This is, again, why it it’s important to use a professional. Repairs are often needed once the hive is removed. This could include masonry repairs, sheetrock or carpentry. A professional will limit the need of repairs by keeping the damage to a minimum and putting the structure back together as well as possible.

There is a lot of agriculture in the Brazos Valley and bees are a key component of agricultural success. When we remove bees from homes around the Bryan and College Station area, we put them to work doing what they love to do – pollinate.

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